Losing Half the Battle without Business Requirements

As CFO’s we are always trying to streamline and automate business processes that are not adding significant value to the organisation and consuming our staff’s time. Multiple attempts have been made to shave off wasted time, however if often feels like an uphill battle how this one will be solved. There are often several factors going on why a certain process can’t be fixed: · Data source problems · Process was built by someone else. · Process is too complex. · Not enough kno

Allocating Corporate costs for a large Telco

Challenge The method of allocating corporate costs had become a costly and overly complex process over several years for a large Telco provider. The management effort required a team of finance people to manage and significant IT licencing/support costs on an annual basis. In addition, the system of calculating and allocating costs took several days to compile and calculate the data. For a simple determination of the profitability of various products in their business, the pr