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A fresh set of eyes Post-Go Live but a global ERP project back on track for a logistics business

Updated: Mar 15, 2021


A global logistics-based business had been operating on an old AS400 finance system for 20+ years and the parent company decided to roll out Oracle e-business Suite to the group. This has been a 3-year process from the start of planning this system change to when it first went live in Australia. The problem was that the country end users were not heavily engaged in the system design and many assumptions were made around how the Australian business processes worked. The ERP system went live with many gaps in the system that were not suitable to the Finance Team, resulting in a large backlog of unprocessed journals, unreconciled items and inability to report financial results. No matter how many people were thrown in the team, the backlog of items to action was growing just as fast.


Independent Oracle consultants were engaged Post Go Live to perform an objective review of the implementation. There was a significant amount of time spent with end users to document business process, requirements and understanding the gaps in the system. A further field trip was made to the parent company’s head office in Europe to work with the developers and make a number of enhancements to the production system. The ended up in building new reports, fixing functionality, re-defining a blue print of requirements that ended up being used to assist the rest of the group to roll out the ERP system.

Business Problem

Global ERP roll out to a large logistics group. The system upon Go Live was completely unusable for a significant period of time resulting in a large backlog of transactions, unhappy customers and suppliers.

Project Timeframe

6 – 12 months

Estimated ROI

Optimised the ERP system fit for purpose. Maximising the company’s investment and ability to run its business much more effectively through newer technology.

Technologies Used

Oracle R/12, TIBCO, Cargowise, In-house Operational system

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