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Not all software is a good fit when it comes to Budgeting & Forecasting

Updated: Mar 15, 2021


An organisation that provides services to the mental health industry had a problem with its existing Budgeting & Forecasting software. It had an inability to add in new drivers and proved challenging to make changes in-house with a dependency on the vendor to make enhancements every time a new rule was required. The organisation wanted flexibility as their business was changing, so too were the requirements in their budgeting and forecasting modelling.


The client considered a number of cloud-based technologies but landed on going with Anaplan.

This gave the customer a cloud-based solution that was highly flexible, timely to build and easy to train its end users to maintain the software. The solution was highly effective and end users were engaged in the product from the beginning and were able to develop their skills as super users. During the implementation the business processes were reviewed and optimised to allow for efficiencies during the next budgeting cycle. The software proved to be as expected a much better fit to support on the on-going annual budgeting and regular re-forecasting cycles going forward.

Business Problem

Inflexible tool to run its budgeting and forecasting processes with a strong dependency on the vendor to make business-specific customisations.

Project Timeframe

6 months

Estimated ROI

Optimised fit for purpose Budgeting & Forecasting software allows for flexible scenario planning on the fly and allowing business to focus on the future. There was no lag as a result of new business rules requiring external assistance as it is all now managed in-house.

Technologies Used


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