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​Large Facilities Maintenance provider reliance on spreadsheets


Lack of focus and investment in certain functional platforms left a newly formed JV struggling to consolidate results and was drowning in spreadsheets


  • No single view of people metrics with three different approaches for a workforce of 6,000+ employees and contractors

  • People data maintained manually on dozens of excel workbooks

  • Inconsistent definitions between business units

  • Many sources of truth

  • Significant time to produce reports and a consolidated view


  • Initial diagnosis and deep dive on various people related metrics and definitions

  • Designed and Built a people data cube to maintain headcount, leave, diversity & other people sensitive data for HR teams

  • Re-defining of key HR terms, definitions and key business metrics on people data

  • Alignment across various HR teams

  • Designed dashboard reporting and rolled this out for board reporting and cost centre managers

Added Value

  • One source of the truth for reporting on people

  • Highlighting gaps on contracts in areas of diversity, leave, absenteeism and paygrades

  • Ability to make more strategic decisions

  • Assurance of an accurate dataset for purposes of planning and reporting

Large Facilities Maintenance provider reliance on spreadsheets: Projects
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