Learn Accounting from an experienced Finance professional

Think Number's CEO, Justin Lake is a qualified chartered accountant and has an MBA from AGSM and builds finance and planning systems for a living for the past 17 years. He can provide with no doubt the most practical, insightful and relevant approach to enhance students learning experience at Bachelors and/or Post-graduate level who want to understand accounting, finance, and systems.

The main focus is to teach in an easy to understand and insightful manner. His approach will not only get you a pass for those tough accounting and finance courses but more importantly to ensure you thoroughly understand the concepts and to allow you actually use these skills further in your degree, career or business.



Learn accounting from an experienced financial executive.

Accounting is the language of business. Learn essential accounting and financial skills in an easy to follow course by a seasoned practitioner and educator.  Justin Lake builds accounting systems for a living and teaches accounting in such a simple and practical way.

In this course you'll learn the entire accounting cycle and be a financial gun in the boardroom, your own business or be well prepared for your upcoming accounting exam.  This course covers a majority of the concepts taught in University Courses across the world for Introductory Accounting.  This will take you from almost no knowledge on accounting to being able to prepare a Balance Sheet and P&L from scratch.

Justin Lake is a seasoned Finance Professional and teacher of accounting concepts.  His style is unique and comes from many years practicing in finance roles within Australia.  He brings the concepts to life and makes everything very visual and practical so you can implement the learnings for yourself straight away.  

See the feedback from current students Justin Lake has recently taught:

The Ultimate Accounting Refresher Course was designed on the back of Justin's 10+ years experience tutoring University Students, MBA's and business owners to be better equiped to be financially literally and understand the terminology and language of business.  You will walk away after doing this course with a good understanding of accounting and be better equiped to make financial decisions within your organisation or own business and with a lot more confidence.

The target audience this course would be perfect include:

  • Students 

  • Business Owners 

  • Professionals

What better way to learn accounting than from a practitioner with several years experience across multiple industries, not your typical accounting academic lecturer.  There is enough balance of theory and practice that you will significantly develop your skills in accounting.



We Believe in Showing, Not Telling

Justin made the impossible happen for me. Never id I think I would understand (like actually understand) what and how Accounting works, especially with zero knowledge two weeks prior to my final exam. I felt confident and almost excited going into my test! I can't thank him enough for his efforts and incredibly efficient ways of teaching. Without hesitation the only tutor to consider!

Isabel Wild

Justin spent the time working through the course materials in Financial Performance of a Company and giving very practical examples. It really helped me because I do not deal with Financial Statements day to day - so to help put the academic into practice was great Thank you Justin

Kirby Gratton

I came to Justin after I had failed my mid semesters for my MBA accounting subject. He was a real help and explained things simply - broke it down for me so I could grasp the concept easily. I ended up getting 80/100 for my final exam and an overall credit for my accounting subject. Considering I was sitting just bellow a pass, he was a real help!

Kristen Kallin

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Justin can tutor all levels from beginner to masters level in financial / management accounting, consolidations audit, taxation. His vast experience in both the accounting profession and commercial environment will give students a lot of practical insight and you'll hopefully gain an appreciation and walk away feeling a lot more confident. This is an opportunity to give something back to students and an opportunity for students to get one-on-one coaching with a real accountant.



Justin Lake is a Chartered Accountant, MBA and has a double degree in business/commerce (Accounting) from Macquarie University. He has worked in various industries such as Chartered Accounting (Big 4), Wholesale Distribution, Supply Chain, retail, Mining, Oil, Gas, Financial Services and Telecommunication.

He has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management AGSM with a distinction average. His approach will significantly help with exam preparation and the give you the techniques for passing exams and getting the most out of accounting in your future careers.....

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