What is an ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) alludes to a kind of software that businesses use to oversee everyday business functions like accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A total ERP suite additionally incorporates enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, forecast, anticipate, and report on an business’s financial outcomes. The ERP system incorporates key business process with the ability for

A fresh set of eyes Post-Go Live but a global ERP project back on track for a logistics business

Challenge A global logistics-based business had been operating on an old AS400 finance system for 20+ years and the parent company decided to roll out Oracle e-business Suite to the group. This has been a 3-year process from the start of planning this system change to when it first went live in Australia. The problem was that the country end users were not heavily engaged in the system design and many assumptions were made around how the Australian business processes worked.

What are the signs you need a new Finance System?

#financetransformation #ERP #Thinknumbers As a practitioner of helping organizations to update and configure better finance systems, it’s always puzzling how finance functions can become so inefficient and transaction-focused. Surely there are things that could have been done along the way to avoid their systems becoming derailed. All businesses have some type of system in place and have hired talented people to help them run their finance function. As Finance professionals w

Transitioning to a cloud-based ERP

Challenge Think Numbers was engaged to support a large investment bank to transition their #ERP finance system from on-premise to cloud based #MicrosoftDynamics365. The previous system was highly uncustomised and not fit for purpose going forward. The software was out of support and only one partner existed in the country to even support this going forward. Due to the inability to customise the software, processes were highly manual with work arounds to achieve certain their