Not all software is a good fit when it comes to Budgeting & Forecasting

Challenge An organisation that provides services to the mental health industry had a problem with its existing Budgeting & Forecasting software. It had an inability to add in new drivers and proved challenging to make changes in-house with a dependency on the vendor to make enhancements every time a new rule was required. The organisation wanted flexibility as their business was changing, so too were the requirements in their budgeting and forecasting modelling. Results The c

Allocating Corporate costs for a large Telco

Challenge The method of allocating corporate costs had become a costly and overly complex process over several years for a large Telco provider. The management effort required a team of finance people to manage and significant IT licencing/support costs on an annual basis. In addition, the system of calculating and allocating costs took several days to compile and calculate the data. For a simple determination of the profitability of various products in their business, the pr