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HR Dashboard and Analytics for large people business

Updated: Mar 15, 2021


Think Numbers was engaged by a large facilities maintenance provider after it had formed a new group with a number of acquired large private businesses. There were different systems and definitions of how their people metrics were captured and reported across the group. This meant that there was no central source of truth for reporting the key performance indicators on its large workforce of 6,000+ employees. There were inconsistent definitions, multiple systems and certainly no visual way of reporting this to cost centre managers and the board.


We engaged with all the people leaders to form a project team to map out a plan of attack. This included to re-engineer and re-define the key definitions of all data relating to people, transitioning data into a single system, wireframing and building an operational / board reporting tool to be used on a monthly basis by the business. The result of this program was a significant reduction in profit leakage as more focus was on placed on accurate labour costing. It also highlighted contracts where excessive overtime and leave balances existed to support wellness of employees. There was also a stronger focus on diversity as the gender mix was highlighted in certain contracts that had a male dominant workforce.

Business Problem

Inconsistent Reporting and Management of key People and Capability metrics meant there was no source of truth and lack of focus on driving performance.

Project Timeframe

6 months

Estimated ROI

Cutting down on number of internal queries by 25% and time to prepare reporting cut down from a week per month to a single one click refresh.

Technologies Used

# SAP, #TM1, #PowerBI

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