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All the technical skills required to understand the language of accountants

Financial Accounting

Learn everything from the basic accounting assumptions, to debits and credits, how to read a profit and loss statement or balance sheet.  Also learn how to create accounting transactions from scratch and how to interpret what the accounting financial ratios mean.

​Management Accounting


Learn how management make decisions based on understanding the cost behaviour within organisations, profitability, budgeting and working capital management.  Understand cost drivers and how manufacturing costs get allocated to products and also how this applies to a service based business.

​Corporate finance


Gain all of the knowledge around the time value of money, how to calculate loans, investments, Net Present Value calculations and Internal Rate of Return.  Plus all of the skills to make investment decisions.

​Cash Flow


Learn about how to build cash flow statements, how to interpret them, how to reconcile bank statements and the various levers to manage working capital within a business.



Organisations are only as good as the safeguard they have in place to minimise material misstatement in their financial reporting.  Learn about business risk, the control environment, establishing internal controls and how audit opinions are determined.



Learn about all the different types of taxation in Australia including GST, Income Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, CGT, International Taxation and other state based taxes.

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Modern Work Space

Everything you need to know in under 5 hours of content from an experienced finance professional.

Learn everything you need to know to confidentally understanding accounting concepts and to read P&L's and Balance Sheets.  Learn how the debits and credits are determined.  Learn how to interpret financial information and calculate accounting ratios.

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